Artist Creative

3D animations for recording artist Demarco and brand identity development for producer Matty B.


Animation, Branding


Demarco, Matty B.



Project Intro

We collaborated with 2 musical artists for creative including album covers, animations, marketing materials and brand identity development. We worked with Demarco, a multi-award-winning Jamaican dancehall and reggae recording artist, to create 3D animated videos featuring songs off of his newest album “Melody”. We worked with Matty B., an up-and-coming sound engineer and producer, to develop his brand and on a few album / single covers.


The main objective for both of these artists was ultimately to expand their reach and grow their fan bases. They both were seeking creative that would captivate and amaze an audience.


Firstly we worked with Demarco and his team on the animations. The process involved meeting with him and his manager to discuss their vision and goals for the project. We listened to his song and heard out their ideas and came up with the imagery, tone, style, and pacing to accurately represent and promote his song. The videos were posted on Demarco’s social media to promote his music and debut his digital presence in the metaverse.

We also worked with Matt Bippart on creating a brand identity for himself as an artist as his entered the world of releasing his own music. We worked closely with him to understand his style and what he wanted his artist profile to communicate to new listeners. He was focused on creating a look that was instantly recognizable and memorable, a look he could build upon with more releases. This involved selecting typography, colors, imagery, and tone to apply to his new artist identity. We then collaborated on several other projects for Matt including shorts for his social media, album and single covers for new releases, and various marketing materials.


3D Animation

Social Media Content

Promotional Commercial Video

Wordmark Logo Design

Brand Identity Design

Album Cover Design

The Vivid Advantage

We see many artists promoting their new music with unimaginative marketing efforts including plain graphic social posts. Especially for newer artists like Matt, we recognize promotion is an uphill battle. Our approach draws people in with compelling visuals that are easily recognizable and tied to each artist by a theme. Our visuals say more with less. These one-of-a-kind 3D animations of Demarco command attention and drive traffic to his socials and his music. This brand approach for Matt provides him with a strong base which he can grow into by building more of an audience, through continued releases, who will remember his name.

By getting a deep understanding of our clients goals, challenges, and strategy, this affords us to create content that fits their needs like a puzzle. Its like they can see it in their mind and we're able to capture it and bring it to life in the real world.