Campaign Content

Social graphics and event screens designed for the Biden-Harris presidential campaign


Social media content, brand development





Project Intro

Firstly a disclaimer: This project does not represent our political views. Work is work, we had the opportunity to be designers for a presidential campaign and we took it.

Prior to Vivid, Ryan and Kyle worked full-time at Biden for President on the campaign as digital designers. While working on the campaign, they were on the events team and most of the work was creating screens and promos for various campaign events.


Joe and the team had one goal in mind: win. In order to get the most votes, we had to generate interest that would encourage voting and reach new audiences. We provided valuable information on Joe's policies and plans for the future in order to have an informed public.


Every day stared with the design team receiving a list of events and the information associated with each from project managers. We took the work non-stop, creating compelling visuals that included required information and followed strict brand guidelines. We were constantly creating graphics for multiple events a day, so this gallery is only a small look into the designs created for the campaign (but if we attempted to include them all the site would surely crash).

Besides event graphics, we designed various graphics for Joe's official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These ranged from breaking updates to quotes and important voting information. We were able to push the brand with these in ways we saw fit, which allowed the creative freedom to write part of the brand. This, along with the cool team we worked with, was our favorite part of the campaign experience.

In this fast-paced and always-changing work environment, we had to be always adaptable and ready to tackle new assignments for quick turnaround no questions asked. The work was typically 10+ hours per day, and we were on-call weekends in case of a breaking update that required creative. This experience gave us hard work ethic and the ability to cut through problems and find effective solutions quickly.


Social Media Content

Brand Development

The Vivid Advantage

The work ethic and amount of time we put into this work is not something everyone can do. This stressful, fast-paced, always-changing work atmosphere sharpened our skills and turned us into highly-adaptive problem solvers. Our go-with-the-flow attitude fit perfectly in this environment and now we carry that same way of doing things to Vivid today.