Brand Overhaul

Reimagined brand creative including website development and ongoing social media management.


Branding, Website development, SEO


Natelli Homes



Project Intro

Natelli Homes, an award-winning home building and remodeling company, came to us seeking our all-in-one creative package to take their brand to the next level.

This was no small project. Natelli Homes has been around for over 35 years yet did not have the needed creative support to show a visually recognizable brand. They trusted us with a full brand overhaul, starting with a new logo and reimagined branding. We took this new brand and applied it to various new marketing materials, revamped social media content, and a stunning new website.

We continue to manage their social media channels including Facebook and Instagram as well as their website blog and SEO.


The main goal of this project was to create a fresh and recognizable brand identity for Natelli Homes that could be applied across the board on all their brand assets in order to grow and reach a larger audience within their markets, specifically the Delaware beach market.


We started with an initial meeting to discuss their current strategy and the pain points they had with it. We met a few members of their team and had a deep dive into the Natelli brand to familiarize ourselves with their current branding, social media, and website. All 3 needed a few things to take them to the next level: consistency, updates, and appeal.

We got to know the team and the company and understood that we were working with a brand who although they did not have a great look, they had an excellent reputation. We recognized early on that we needed to keep the brand recognizable to what they already had in order to keep the brand recognition they established with their customers. We refreshed their colors, fonts, imagery selection, and provided them with a full new logomark. The new look we designed was fresh and strong, while still maintaining the brand recognition from people who already knew Natelli Homes.

We took the new Natelli brand and applied it across the board to update their marketing materials, signage, social media, and website. Now Natelli Homes has a memorable brand that is consitent across all their assets and is easily recognizable to both new and old customers. We continue to work with them to this day, providing ongoing social media management and content as well as blog posts on their site and SEO.

Now their brand is a better reflection their company, showcasing the exceptional quality of their work, their sturdy reputation, and the personable nature of their team.


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Brand Development

Brand Guidelines Booklet

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Social Media Management

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Website Development

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The Vivid Advantage

This project personifies our all-in-one creative package perfectly. By handing over all of their creative needs to us, Natelli Homes is able to communicate effectively with just one agency rather than hiring different agencies for each creative specialty. This ensures that all the creative is consistent and up-to-date, and makes communication a breeze.