Brewery Branding

Logo, branding, and package design for beer at an independent brewery


Branding, Package Design


Boneyard Brewery



Project Intro

We created a logo, branding elements and labels for a small independent brewery.

Our team started with nothing and first had to create the brand and then design the packaging to represent the beer and apply the new look. We designed a 4 pack carrier and 4 different looks for the types of beer they could sell. With a different label for each one, they are all unique yet part of the same family.


They presented us with the challenge of representing their brewery in a new way to make it visually captivating at the point of sale in order to drive purchases. Their main goal was to create a look that felt down-to-earth, bold, rugged, approachable, and unique.


This process took into consideration things such as hierarchy, legibility, brand strategy, composition, and more. We started with mood boards to get clear on the creative direction for the new brand. We had total creative freedom and no brand guidelines to stick to, so we were able to go in any direction we wanted in terms of fonts, colors, textures, and the logomark. We had to make sure we were aligned with the laws for bottling and selling alcohol such as including the surgeon generals warning and things like alcohol percentage and fluid ounces.


Logo Design

Brand Development

Package Design

Product Photography

The Vivid Advantage

We created this brand and their packaging using the human centered design process. HCD is is a problem-solving technique that puts people at the center of the development process, which enabled us to create a design that resonates with the target market and is tailored to the consumers needs. It not only looks good, but is practical and meets the needs and expectations of the consumers in their market while standing out from competitors.