December 5, 2022

5 Creative Agencies that Inspire Us

Naturally creatives look to other creatives for inspiration. As individuals, we are constantly surrounded by mind-blowing projects all over social media and other sources like targeted ads. And as Vivid, we seek out only the best-of-the-best in the industry for inspiration. With technology improving at an exponential rate, the creative capabilities and potential seems endless in this field. This excites us as we aim to inspire and amaze others with our work too. 

In no particular order, here are 5 creative agencies that inspire us:

Laundry Studios

Focused on animation, vfx, and live-action production, Laundry has some of the coolest motion projects we have seen. Their projects include a wide variety of some really cool brands like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Kona Brewing Co, Uber, Tyler the Creator, the XFL, just to name a few. One thing that really sparks our creativity is their amazing use of color. The work is so clean and so impactful, it commands attention from anyone who sees it.


With the mission statement ‘We like doing impossible things’ and the work to back it up, Saatchi&Saatchi inspires us to push beyond the limits of what we think is possible. Their website has a really clean loading animation that gives you a strong first impression of the brand. Their tone is casual and friendly, which makes them very approachable.

The Shelf

This one is eye-catching because it shows that companies can use fun illustrations and still be professional. It inspires us because they completely stand out from the crowd and have their own unique look, which is a quality that Vivid aims to have too. They are also full-service and have the capabilities to do so much, which is just impressive.


Obviously Pentagram makes our list. With top designers such as Michael Bierut and Paula Scher, the work created by Pentagram is just next-level. It's not even just the quality of work that impresses us, but also how much of it they have done. If you haven't heard of Pentagram, we are certain that you've still seen some of their work in the world. They motivate us to have a wide reach and expand beyond what seems possible.

Studio Gradients

Founded by a fellow from the Biden campaign, Studio Gradients produces some of the most impactful, take-action creative that's out there. What inspires us most is the use of bold and expressive typography across all their projects. They continue to work in politics to fight for what's right, and that motivates us as well to design for good causes.