March 27, 2023

A Giant Leap for Vivid-kind (video project)

As a creative studio, we are constantly challenging ourselves to explore, learn, and grow within our field. We understand that innovation and adaptability are essential to succeed at any endeavor. Finding new solutions to novel issues is how we work our creative muscles. So we decided to take on an ambitious task, one that we weren’t entirely sure would be possible: We decided to send our cat Ferris into outer space.

By combining real footage filmed on location and animated scenes created virtually, we made a short epic video for your entertainment. The video follows Ferris as he’s launched from Cape Henlopen into Earth orbit aboard a modified Saturn V rocket. You can check out the video now on our YouTube channel.

Aside from just being really cool, the project showcases a wide range of technical skills that we have in our wheelhouse. From filming on site, to filming on a drone, using a greenscreen, 3D modeling, animation, VFX, sound design, story-writing, and utilizing Artificial Intelligence to have a celebrity narrator kick off the video, it was a feat of creativity. To see how it was all put together, stay tuned for an in-depth breakdown of the process in episode two of The Vivid Creation Experience (coming soon).

This short video serves as a testament to our team's ability to bring any creative vision to life. If we can send our cat into space, we can handle any creative requests that come our way. Vivid Creative Studio is dedicated to amplifying ideas to captivate and amaze. We pride ourselves on our outside-the-box thinking and determination to exceed expectations. We believe that creative content brings a depth to ideas which transcends the ordinary and resonates with audiences on a more meaningful level. We empower brands to express their message vividly.

If you have a business or personal brand that you're looking to level-up, reach out to us today. We’ll be happy to help you reach new heights with one-of-a-kind content that's out of this world!