February 24, 2023

Explore Our 5 Custom Fonts

As a graphic designer, one of the most important elements in your work is typography. The typeface you choose can set the tone for your entire project, and it can be the difference between a forgettable design and a memorable one. That's why some graphic designers choose to create their own custom fonts. Here at Vivid, we have created 5 custom fonts that we now sell in one bundle. 

Creating a custom font isn't an easy task, but it can be a rewarding one. With a custom font, you have complete control over the look and feel of your typography. You can create a unique style that sets your work apart from others. And you can offer something that can't be found anywhere else. 

Here’s what goes into creating a font: 

1. The process of creating a custom font starts with an idea. You might have a particular style in mind, or you might be trying to create something that complements your existing work. Once you have an idea, you can start sketching out your design.

2. Start with pencil and paper. Draw out the letters, tweaking the curves and angles until you are satisfied with the overall look. Once the sketches are complete, then move on to digitizing the design.

3. Pick a program to develop the font. There are a few different ways to digitize your design, but most designers will use a vector-based program like Adobe Illustrator. You will have to create a new document, set up their artboards, and start drawing the letters using the sketches as a guide. We used the Fontself plugin for Illustrator to create our fonts. 

4. Tweak, tweak, and tweak some more. Refine the curves and angles, making adjustments until everything looks just right. Add in any additional characters, such as punctuation or special symbols. As perfectionists, this step is certainly the most time-consuming.

5. Once the letters are complete and you're satisfied with the look, the last thing to do is export the design as a font file. There are a few different formats to choose from, but the most common are OpenType and TrueType. These files can then be installed on a computer or uploaded to a font marketplace for sale. Ours are available to be downloaded as .OTF files. View them on our shop or Ryan's portfolio site.